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Item Dimensions: H x W x D:

4.5" x 2.5" x 2.50"

Display / Inner / Master Carton Qty:

8 / 32

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Display Dimensions: H x W x D:

9.75" x 10.50" x 12.00"

Package Dimensions: H x W x D:

9.25" x 4.25" x 2.5"

PKG Weight:


Inner Carton Dimensions: H x L x W:

10.25" x 12.00" x 10.75"

Master Carton Dimensions: H x W x D:

21.25" x 21.50" x 12.50"

Master Weight:

15.35 Lbs.

Product Features

  • Safe and Cool COB LED: Completely Safe COB LED Stays Cool to the Touch
  • Hands-Free or Grab-and-Go: Porta Bulb® May be Used Hands Free Attached to the Included Base or Grab & Go® to Use Like a Flashlight
  • Two Brightness Levels: Two Brightness Levels with Easy Push Button Operation
  • Magnetic Bottom: The Bottom of the Bulb is Magnetic and Conveniently Sticks to Most Metal Surfaces
  • Easy Base Holder Attachment: Base Holder Attaches to Any Clean Smooth Surface at Any Angle with Included "3M" Peel and Stick Adhesive or 2 Small Screws (Not Included)
  • Retractable Hanging Loop: Includes a Convenient Retractable Hanging Loop
  • Battery-Powered: Uses 3 x AAA Batteries (Included) and Does Not Fit Into Any Electrical Socket and Uses NO ELECTRICITY
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for Attics, Closets, Basements, Pantries, Zombie Hunting, Under the Sink, Tool Sheds, Tents, Under the Stairs, Inside Cabinets, Vehicle Glove Box and Anywhere Bright Temporary Light is Needed
  • No Electricity Needed: 100% Battery Powered and Does Not Fit Into Any Electrical Socket, Using No Electricity
  • Bulb and Base Holder Measurements: Bulb Measures 4.25" High by 2.5" Diameter in the Lighted Portion and 1.115" In Diameter at the Base. Included Bulb Holder Base Measures 2.5" In Diameter and Bulb Holder is 1.125" In Diameter x .75" Deep

This product covered by U.S. patents. Please refer to this page for more information.

LitezAll has completely re-imagined the light bulb and made it safer, battery powered, more versatile and fun to use. The PortaBulb® is the world's first grab & go® light bulb because it's actually a flashlight cleverly disguised as a light bulb.

The PortaBulb® comes with a unique holder that easily mounts with either the included "3M" double sided adhesive or you may permanently mount it using 2 small screws (not included). This incredibly versatile light features 2 brightness settings, easily controlled by the convenient power switch.

Use the LitezAll PortaBulb® hands-free in its base or simply pull it out and use it as a Grab & Go® flashlight. The base of the PortaBulb® is magnetic and sticks to most smooth metallic surfaces. For added versatility, it features a flip out loop for convenient hanging.

This incredibly versatile light is battery powered and uses absolutely NO electricity. It's powered by 3 replaceable AAA batteries (included). The PortaBulb® is great under the sink, sheds, storage rooms, campers, tents, temporary night lights and during power outages.

Please Note: 100% Battery Powered Does Not Fit Into Any Electrical Socket and Uses NO ELECTRICITY

This product covered by U.S. patents. Please refer to this page for more information.

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