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Promier is a Leading B2B Battery Powered LED Lighting Manufacturer and Supplier. CLICK HERE to view our Sales Deck.

Established in 2010 by Cody Grandadam and two partners, Promier has evolved from a small company with a few customers into a leading B2B wholesale flashlight manufacturer and wholesale supplier. You’ll find our LitezAll and Kodiak brand lights in more than 80,000 stores, worldwide.

Located just West of Chicago in Peru, Illinois at the intersection of Interstates 80 and 39, we’re able to ship products quickly and efficiently from our warehouses in Peru and Princeton to any domestic or world-wide location.

Battery Powered Lighting Solutions
Our LitezAll and Kodiak branded battery powered lights solve the most difficult lighting challenges. Each one is designed for ultimate brightness, exceptional performance and portability with easy no-tools installation with Grab & Go® convenience.

We manufacture a diverse assortment of COB LED lights that perform as great as they look including tough tactical flashlights, under cabinet lighting, camping lanterns and task lights. CLICK HERE to Download Our Product Catalogs.

Better Packaging – Better Sales
LitezAll and Kodiak products stand out from the rest thanks to our bold colors and package design. Our packaging clearly shows beneficial features and photos that help your customers make quick informed buying decisions. Most of our products include batteries and a “try me” button so consumers know exactly what they’re buying. Product PDQs look great on your shelves, end caps and checkout stand.

The Evolution of Light® in Practice
More than just a slogan, LitezAll and Kodiak brand lights constantly evolve. Improvements from brightness, durability and performance to increased functionality and creative design happen with each new product or revision of existing products.

People Make the Difference – Think Like a Customer
It’s not enough to produce the best lighting products in the world if we can’t back it up with the best service and support. Because our company culture focuses on the concept of thinking like a customer, every single employee puts your needs first. That means listening to you and learning what we can do to offer the right products to suit your needs and your customers’ needs.

Your Success - Our Commitment
The bottom line is we’re not successful unless you are. Our mutual relationship, desire to help and commitment to your success is what drives us to be the best flashlight company in the world with the best customers in the world.

Cody Grandadam